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Law & Wise is a team of lawyers for business, setting ambitious goals and solving difficult tasks.
The best evidence of the quality of our services is the feedback from our customers and partners.


About company

The mission of Law & Wise is to quickly resolve the legal issues of business and effectively eliminate causes of their occurrence.

The law bureau was founded in May 2015. The team consists of 12 business law specialists with unique competence.

Our lawyers successfully represent clients in commercial courts, antitrust authorities, resolve corporate disputes, conduct bankruptcy proceedings and provide legal support.

The bureau services are able to satisfy the business need for solving a wide range of issues. It is for this reason that our customers feel confidence in their activities.

The main clients of Law & Wise are manufacturing, trading and construction companies, design and architectural bureaus, transport and IT companies.

Our experts

Ilya Kirillov
Executive Partner
Denis Dubovik
Executive Partner
Ivan Kolsanov
Associate Partner, Insolvency Officer
Georgy Simonyan
Associate Partner, IMEX Expert, PhD in Law
Damir Nigmatulin
Senior Lawyer
Zhuravleva Olga
Senior Lawyer
Aliev Elman
Law & Wise legal services in Moscow info@lwise.pro 2 Entuziastov Boulevard,
BC Golden Gate, 24th floor
Mo-Fr from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.