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Judical practices and cases

Debt collection

13 June 2018

Point of argument

Recovery of a debt and the borrowed funds usage interest under the supply agreement.

Plaintiff’s case

The organization providing services for the construction of country houses has concluded a supply contract and made an advance payment in full. However, the supplier actually delivered less than 1% of the total supply on the day of shipment.

The contract was terminated unilaterally because of the delivery terms violation. The plaintiff filed a claim for the return of the amount paid minus the value of the actually delivered goods.


The Defendant assured the Buyer the goods would be delivered at a new term specified later. Recognizing the fact of the debt the Defendant ignored the lawsuit.

Problem solution stages

  • case analysis;
  • claim preparation and filing;
  • claim preparation and trial support;
  • debt collection.

Court judgement

The Plaintiff’s claims were satisfied in full.

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