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Judical practices and cases

11 December 2015

Antitrust dispute


The claim declared well pleaded

Point of argument

Declare actions (inactions) of the electronic auction operator illegal.

Plaintiff’s case

During the auction, the rights of the Applicant were violated. The Applicant was unable to participate in the auction because of the electronic platform failure. At the date of bidding, the site was blocked, which is reflected by the Customer in the minutes of the applications processing.


The Operator did not agree with the complaint, noting that his actions were based on the requirements of Russian legislation. The Customer asked the operator to postpone the time and date of the auction, of which the participants were not properly notified.

Problem solution stages

  • preparation and filing of the claim and related documents in FAS;
  • representation of Applicant’s interests in FAS.

Court judgement

FAS declared justified the complaint against the actions (inaction) of the Customer, the operator of the electronic platform. FAS issued instructions to rectify discovered violations on the part of the customer.

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