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Judical practices and cases

2 August 2017

Bankruptcy Disputes


The claim recognized as well pleaded

Point of argument

To declare the debtor bankrupt and satisfy the creditor’s claims for the recovery of a debt, open a liquidation procedure.

Plaintiff’s case

A company engaged in the wholesale of pharmaceutical products signed a supply agreement with a pharmacy chain. The goods were delivered on time, but no cash was received. According to the extract from the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the buyer was in the liquidation stage. Later on the supplier decided to go to court to recover the debt and declare the debtor bankrupt.


The Defendant ignored the trial and was notified about the ruling of the court.

Problem solution stages

  • preparation and filing of a bankruptcy petition and related documents in court;
  • representation of the Plaintiff’ interests in court.

Court judgement

The creditor’s claim was satisfied: the court decided to appoint a bankruptcy manager, to open a liquidation procedure and declare the Debtor bankrupt under the simplified liquidation procedure.

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