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Judical practices and cases

31 July 2017

Debt collection


The claim settled in part

Point of argument

The company (our client) carried out the work in the premises of the customer - a unitary enterprise. During the work, there was a necessity to carry out additional repairs to the premises. These works were performed without documents signed by the customer. Later on, the customer refused to pay for additional work, asserting that there was no contract signed for the work.

Plaintiff’s case

The Contractor signed a services agreement for the repair of premises. The Contractor performed the obligations properly and ahead of time. Since the work was completed before the established period, the Customer asked for additional contracted work. Additional repair works were also performed completely. All costs and volume of work were supported by documents.


The Customer accepted the initial scope of work and paid for them in full. Due to the need for additional repair work, he concluded an additional contract with the Contractor, specifying all the necessary conditions. The Contractor provided no reasonable rejection to perform additional work.

Problem solution stages

  • case analysis;
  • preparation and filing of the legal objection to court;
  • support of the judicial process for the recovery of the amount of debt.

Court judgement

The court assessed the evidence available in the case and made a satisfactory decision on the client's claim. As a result, the costs of additional types of work not considered in the initial estimate were recovered from the unscrupulous customer.

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