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Judical practices and cases

3 June 2016

Debt collection


The claim settled in full

Point of argument

Recovery of a debt and a penalty under a state contract for the performance of contract work.

Plaintiff’s case

An individual entrepreneur applied for participation in an electronic auction. Later on, he concluded an agreement to perform contract work. In accordance with the terms of the contract, the Customer must perform work in a health care facility. The contractor performed works within the established deadlines. There was no payment for the work done, the Contractor decided to go to court with a claim to reimburse the expenses for the repair, the court fees and payment of the state duties.


Works performed by an individual entrepreneur were not paid. The Defendant did not recognize the failure to fulfill obligations under the contract in terms of non-payment of the work performed. The Defendant did not provide the evidence confirming the legality of obligations default.

Problem solution stages

  • preparation of a letter of claim;
  • preparation and filing of the claim and related documents in court.

Court judgement

The court upheld the claim in full. Lawyers of the legal bureau collected from the unscrupulous customer in court the amount of the debt for the work performed by the contractor under a government contract, as well as the penalty for late performance of obligations.


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