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Legal audit of the company - quickly, reliably, objectively!

Do you think that your company does not properly execute its documentation? You anticipate liability for violations of the laws of the Russian Federation, right? Do you need a legal audit? Law & Wise team will conduct a comprehensive legal analysis and research of your company's activities; assess the company's financial standing and market position, which will minimize the risks of your business.

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How do we audit the company?

The main objective of the legal audit of an enterprise is the legal improvement of the legal entity’s activity, supplemented by the formation of a corporate order basis. To achieve this, experts from Law & Wise:

  • Audit the concluded contracts of your company to identify possible risks of non-payment and the occurrence of lawsuits.
  • Analyze the corporate establishment and consent documentation, based on which the legal entity carries out its economic activities (licenses, approvals, certificates, patents, etc.).
  • Develop corporate and other types of documents for the client.
  • Provide legal opinion on the status of personnel documentation, papers relating to office work, the contractual base, pointing out errors, inaccuracies, violations of the law, and develop recommendations to eliminate these shortcomings.
  • Conduct a due diligence of the ordinances and regulations of state or municipal authorities issued in relation to the company.
  • Consider possible problems of compliance with property and non-property rights, including those relating to intellectual property.
  • Analyze court cases and enforcement proceedings the client is participating.
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What legal act regulates auditing?

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Audit activities are regulated by Federal Law No. 307-FZ of December 30, 2008 “On Auditing”, which sets out the key principles for carrying out legal audit.

What is a legal audit?

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Through this procedure, we analyze the current state of the legal entity or the work of its individual divisions (accounting, taxation, managerial decision, etc.). With its help, it is possible to identify the imperfections of the system and prepare a number of recommendations for their elimination.

What is Due Diligence?

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Due-diligence (English due diligence) in translation means “ensuring due honesty”. The aim of this procedure is to draw up an objective view of the object of investment and to assess investment risks. Due-diligence usually takes place before buying a business, signing a contract / agreement or cooperating with a new company.

Why do we need a legal audit of the transaction?

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To begin with, when you carry out a transaction with any person, then you should verify all their/his/her financial and economic activities. In practice, performing a legal audit, the company solves a huge number of tasks: removes the risk of sanctions and simplifies control over the activity, checks the proper execution of documentation, makes the transactions “transparent” in all respects, provides an opportunity to assess the level of responsibility and identify possible legal risks.

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Legal audit - what is the benefit of the service?

Having signed a contract for the service “Legal audit of an enterprise” (sample is available on our website) with Law & Wise, you can count on:

receiving objective information about your company's activities, since our experts act as independent auditors

an assessment and a full analysis of errors made by your legal entity, as well as a forecast of the likelihood of negative consequences

a set of measures and strategies aimed at eliminating violations and legal reinstating of the company's activities.

increasing the level of “transparency” of your legal entity, which will lead to an improvement of the company's liquidity

devising the legal entity tactics in order to counteract third parties hostile to the client’s business
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