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Entrust preparation of corporate documentation to professionals!

Do you need help at the stage of creating the corporate establishment documents? Need legal due diligence on corporate documents? Law & Wise experts will help develop a package of corporate documents, taking into account the peculiarities of a business development strategy!

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Law & Wise - we know a lot about corporate documents!

According to the current legislation, when creating a legal entity, the founders of the company are obliged to develop and adopt corporate documents:

  • An application to the registering authority;
  • A charter of the legal entity (typical or individual form);
  • A decision, protocol on the creation of LLC;
  • An agreement on the creation of JSC;
  • A corporate agreement (not to be submitted to the registering authority).

Each manager must be aware of the importance of having properly written corporate documentation, since internal documents reflect the company's activities. However, it is worth noting that the documentation should strictly comply with the provisions of the law. That is why you may wish to entrust the preparation of documentation to professionals.

The Law & Wise team is skilled corporate lawyers who specialize in guiding the legal entities activities. Preparing internal documentation we will take into account the nuances of the company's activities in order to achieve economic and legal business security!

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What services do we offer in the preparation of corporate documentation sphere?

Development of a “corporate base”, a legal entity cannot operate without.

Preparation of documents for the issuance of securities.

Legal due diligence and audit of corporate documentation for compliance with existing laws.

Drafting a written opinion on the deficiencies in the existing internal documents and the possible consequences of using corporate documents without eliminating the “gaps”.

Preparation of a system aimed at eliminating deficiencies in documents identified during the legal audit.

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What are the differences between invalid and void contract?

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A contract that is held invalid does not lead to legal consequences because of actions taken during the transaction. In other words, according to civil law, the parties to the contract do not acquire any rights and obligations to each other. Everything received by the parties after the conclusion of the contract returns to the parties of the transaction (mutual restitution).

A void contract has a narrower definition. It is a type of invalid transactions. An agreement may be void, for example, if the transaction was under the influence of a delusion. In other words, a deal is null and void if its goal is obviously contrary to the principles of public order and morality, and if it does not comply with existing laws. Such a contract will be invalid by virtue of the law from the moment of its conclusion.

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What are the advantages of ordering a corporate documentation service from Law & Wise lawyers?

Development of internal documents by experienced lawyers is a guarantee of the business legal protection. When asking for help from the Law & Wise legal team, feel certain that:

The prepared documentation will comply with legal regulations, which will protect the company from problems with the "law"

Internal documentation will provide a basis for the further preparation of the company's structural documents.

The documentation will contain complete and objective information about the activities of the client’s company, introducing and maintaining corporate standards.

The corporate documentation will specify criteria for control, making the management of the company more efficient.
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