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Judicial Dispute Resolution - Reliable Protection for Your Business!

Failed to resolve a dispute with a contractor in a peaceful way? The only legal method for resolving such a conflict is court proceedings. Law & Wise experts will provide competent support in the judicial process, protecting your interests and achieving optimal decisions in court!

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Commercial Courts

Our experts will provide legal assistance to yourbusiness in disputes with legal entities (contractors, intermediaries) and government agencies.

Disputes in arbitration courts

We will provide legal assistance in a dispute with counterparty, if the contract specifies an“arbitration clause”

Courts of general jurisdiction

Law & Wise experienced lawyers will help your company in litigations with individuals, -including employees of the company.Working with the Federal Bailiffs ServiceLaw & Wise experts will increase your chances of enforcing a judgment on the defendant

How Do Law & Wise Legal Experts Deal With Judicial Controversy?

Law & Wise team of highly qualified lawyers will take all possible measures to successfully resolve a lawsuit (regardless of the court) and to achieve a positive outcome. For this:

  • We will analyze the client's situation, the main aspects and possible “hidden hazards”,   evaluate the possible risks and make a forecast of the court case outcome.
  • We will develop a strategy for protecting the client’s interests to achieve a positive result in court.

  • We will represent the client’s interests in the commercial, arbitration or general jurisdiction courts.

  • We will receive a writ of execution and organize proceedings enforcing a judgment in the shortest possible time.
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Is it possible to avoid litigation?

The only way to avoid the legal process is to reach an agreement with the other party to the dispute (the defendant). Law & Wise team of lawyers will provide you with professional support in the process of pre-trial conflict resolution, including:

We will make a claim and send a document to the defendant.

We will consider the arguments and terms of the counterparty in the event of counterclaims.

We will find the best way for the dispute pre-trial settlement on terms that will satisfy both parties.

We will assist in the negotiations and in the settlement agreement signing.

We will advise the client on further actions after the fulfillment of the terms of the agreement.

Judical practices and cases


What period of time is stipulated by law for the debtor to answer the claim if it is not specified in the contract?

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The period during which a party has a right to file a claim after compliance with the pre-trial procedure is 30 days. Thus, when responding to a claim, you need to act quickly, considering the time of sending the letter by mail. Therefore, we recommend sending the response within 3-5 days from the date of receipt of the claim, and for greater efficiency, duplicating the answer by e-mail.

In which cases may the court appoint an expert examination?

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As a rule, the court appoints the expert examination at the request or with the consent of one of the parties. However, the court reserves the right to appoint an expert examination on its own initiative in case law prescribes it and / or there is a place of falsification of the submitted documents, and a repeated or additional expert examination is required.

I am not satisfied with the work of the judge. Can I replace him?

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Of course, law provides the possibility of challenging the judge. However, it is not an easy task to replace a judge during the trial. There are two causes for replacement: direct (kinship, service dependence on the participants of the process, etc.) and indirect (for example, personal interest in the outcome of the case).

The court refused to accept the application, what to do?

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First of all, you need to find out the reason. Refusal to accept the claim by the court can be appealed by filing a private complaint to a higher judicial authority, which made an order.

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Law & Wise – competent assistance in courts!

Cooperation with our legal office means a positive outcome of most legal actions. With our help, our customers can:

Avoid lengthy litigation

Challenge decisions of state control bodies (tax service, customs authorities, antitrust service, etc.)

Successfully resolve disputes relating to unauthorized imposition of penalties on an entrepreneur

Get competent second opinion

Settle disputes with counterparties and partners on non-fulfillment of the terms of signed contracts and agreements

Recover the necessary financial resources from the defendant
Preliminary audit of documents
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