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Legal assistance in courts of general jurisdiction – entrust your business to professionals!

Companies that provide services or sell goods repeatedly confront consumer complaints. There are often disputes between the employee and the employer. The most difficult situations result in a trial in which the claimant wishes to receive compensation from a legal entity. Based on judicial practice, the court most often takes the side of citizens, recognizing them as “a party in need of special protection of their rights”.

Are you in a similar situation? Can you not peacefully resolve the conflict? We are ready to provide you with our expert assistance!

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What is included in the “Dispute Support” service?

Assisting in a dispute in a court of general jurisdiction is a complicated, painstaking procedure. You can entrust its management only to an expert in this field. A team of experienced lawyers from Law & Wise will provide competent support to your company. To do this, we will develop a set of measures aimed at protecting the client’ interests:

  • analyze the primary documentation and procedural documents;
  • make an assessment of the circumstances and prospects of the trial;
  • develop a litigation strategy;
  • gather the necessary evidence base;
  • prepare procedural documents (claims, complaints, statements of claim, objections, and petitions);
  • represent the client’s interests at a court session;
  • appeal the court ruling in the higher courts in case of unsatisfactory decision.
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Is it possible to avoid judicial resolution of the dispute?

Yes, it is. Use the qualified assistance of the Law & Wise expert team to help you reach a settlement with the plaintiff or the defendant.

For this we:

Make an official claim and send the documents to the second side of the conflict.

Consider and analyze the arguments of the opponent, to develop tactics of customer behavior.

Develop a unique strategy for pre-trial settlement of the dispute, taking into account the interests of both parties to the dispute.

Help you reach a compromise and make a settlement.


A team of experienced Law & Wise lawyers will help to draw up correct documentation to conclude contracts with partners, contractors and government agencies, significantly reducing the risk of litigation.

Judical practices and cases

The legal bureau lawyers helped the Developer to secure the dismissal of the Customer’s appeal against the decision of the court of first instance to recover the penalty and compensation for non-pecuniary damage under a construction contract.

15 February 2017

At the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, the legal bureau lawyers obtained the reversal of the court of first instance judgment on the Ministry of Justice administrative claim for the liquidation of the non-profit organization Stop Ham.

2 September 2016


What is the responsibility for a legal entity when dismissing a pregnant employee?

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Responsible persons who have committed the illegal dismissal of a pregnant employee, may be held criminally liable. So, according to Art. 145 of the APC RF, a legal entity may be fined in the amount of 200 thousand rubles, or in the amount of wages or other income of the convict for a period of up to 18 months. Possible punishment in the form of attraction to compulsory work for up to 360 hours.

How to track the process of consideration of the case?

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To date, it is possible to track the production in courts of general jurisdiction in several ways: - by personal acquaintance with the materials of the case; - to get information by phone from the assistant / clerk of the judge; - track the case on the site https://www.mos-gorsud.ru (for the courts of Moscow) by specifying details in the search fields (case number, full name / name of the party in the case, etc.)

What determines the amount of state duty for consideration of the case?

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The size of the state duty of the courts of general jurisdiction is established by the legislator (paragraph 1 of paragraph 1 of article 333.19 of the Tax Code of the RF). The determining factor is the amount of the claim and the category of the case.

Why is a court order without a party to the dispute?

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Due to the fact that the grounds for issuing a court order are indisputable documents, the standard trial does not apply. In other words, applications are considered “in absentia” under the simplified procedure.

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Law & Wise –
competent resolution of disputes in the courts of general jurisdiction!

Cooperation with the Law & Wise bureau is an opportunity to defend the interests of the company in the legal proceedings, even if the position of a legal entity is futile a priori. Law & Wise experts will help you achieve an optimal court decision that will satisfy the interests of the client, in particular:

Reduce fines and penalties expenses

Avoid moral and material damages

Resolve disputes with municipal and state bodies (when considering disputes in courts of general jurisdiction)

Resolve the situation in favor of the client on the claims of the dismissed workers, demanding for reinstatement, payment for forced absence, penalties, etc.
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