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A state body’s undesirable decision is not a sentence for your company!

In the course of business, legal entities may face illegal actions on the part of state control bodies (local tax office, the customs service, the FAS, Public Prosecution Office of the Russian Federation, Rospaten (Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks), the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, etc.). Has your business suffered financial or reputational damage because of unreasonable demands from government agencies? Law & Wise lawyers will help resolve a dispute with the plaintiff in a trial!

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Law & Wise - entrust the protection of your business reputation to professionals!

It is extremely difficult to resolve a dispute with a government agency without the help of a highly qualified and experienced lawyer. Law & Wise experts specialize in litigation between legal entities and government agencies. To achieve the optimal solution we will:

  • Make an objection, statement, complaint, petition and other documents if there is a dispute with the state control bodies.
  • Develop a written legal position, which will achieve its goal to protect the client’s interests.
  • Represent the client during the hearings in a state body, especially proceedings in administrative courts.
  • Represent the client’s interests in the courts at all hearings up to the closure of the case.


Is it possible to recover attorney’s fees in a dispute with a state body?

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According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the costs incurred by the party of the dispute (whether the plaintiff or the defendant), including the payment of attorney’s fees and state fees, will be reimbursed by the party that lost the legal process. In other words, if a dispute with a state body is resolved in favor of a legal entity, then it can demand reimbursement of its court costs from a public authority.

Why has the local tax office blocked a bank account without warning?

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To ensure the fulfillment of the obligation to pay taxes and fees, the tax authority, as a rule, chooses the most effective and extremely uncomfortable way for a business - the suspension of operations in a bank account.

The tax authority sends to the bank its decision on the restriction of cash flow. If the bank received a decision from the tax office to freeze the account, then it is obliged to accept it for execution. Unfortunately, it is not possible to know in advance about the upcoming blocking, as in accordance with Art. 23 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, the taxpayer is obliged to independently and timely transfer money to budgets.

In which court should the company file a claim to appeal the decision of the state?

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Challenging non-regulatory legal acts, decisions and actions (inaction) of government officials is carried out under Chapter 24 of the APC of the RF.

Citizens and organizations can apply to the court if they believe that the contested non-regulatory legal act, decision and action (inaction) do not comply with the law or other regulatory legal act and violate their rights and legitimate interests in business and other economic activities, illegally impose any duties and create other obstacles for their business and activities.

My company’s site malfunctioned because of Roskomnadzor. How can I have compensation for damage?

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If, in your opinion, the state body committed illegal actions and caused damage to your organization, then you have the right to appeal to the court with a request to declare the actions of a public body illegitimate and to pay damages.

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