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Customer reviews

Hello! I express my gratitude for the dispute resolution in the Moscow Court of Arbitrazh on the issue of funds recovery under the supply agreement. To be honest, we did not think that it would be possible to return any money from our counterparts. I was very much surprised when the amount of money exceeding the sum of the debt reached the account. Thanks again! Everything was done in a quality manner and rather quickly!
Mingaleva Tatyana Vyacheslavovna
General Director of RegionTehKomplekt
Law & Wise. Thank you for preparing the contract for creation and promotion of sites. I wanted to do it since long ago, but I always postponed it until the last moment. My friend advised your company as a team of knowledgeable and competent lawyers. I will contact you again!
Evgeny Andreev.
Founder of LaunchSite.
I want to thank Law & Wise Law Firm for its responsibility and fulfillment of its obligations. As practice has shown, a young team and professionalism in work are compatible. Keep it up! I will recommend you as reliable partners.
Petukhov Vadim Aleksandrovich
General Director of Dorian Contract
Your company was recommended by our partners from Kazan. Despite remote cooperation, your lawyers are prompt and there is no feeling that our companies are located in different cities. Thank you very much for your legal expertise of contracts and preparation of "working" contracts for construction and domestic contracts. I am pleased to continue cooperation with your company and will contact you if there are other legal issues.
Andriyanov Dmitry Evgenievich
Director of the company "STMstroy"