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Olga Zhuravleva
Olga Zhuravleva

Senior Lawyer


  • - antitrust law
  • - corporate law

- more than 1,200 procurement procedures in various areas and industries were carried out during her work in the state customer’s contract service;

- successful representation of the customer’s interests in 22 antitrust disputes and court cases;

- no complaints about the customer’s violation of the contract system law.

In 2018 she joined the Law & Wise Law Firm team.

In 2018 she graduated from the Moscow Kutafin State Law Academy as a magister in "Judicial protection of the citizens’ and organizations’ rights". In 2016, she got an additional professional education in the field of public procurement management in Solovyov Institute of the HSE.

In 2013, she began her career as an assistant judge in the court of general jurisdiction. In 2015, she continued her career in the state customer’s contract service. She got significant experience in resolving issues in the field of public procurement management at the federal level. She participated in a legal audit of government customers for their activities’ compliance with contract system legislation. She supervised projects on advising entrepreneurs in procurement procedures support.

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